We have over 2,000 shades to choose from. You can select from hand sewn, full frame shades as well as laminated and parchment shades.  We have a selection of many sizes and styles.  

The best way to shop for a shade is to bring your lamp with to the store. We know that may sound odd to you, but having your lamp here helps both you and us to pick the proper shade for your lamp. You will see that you have many options. In many cases customers will choose something entirely different from what they have had in the past and now have a newly refreshed lamp. 

After selecting your new shade, you may choose to pick a new FINIAL for your lamp. Often, finials are over looked and can add that perfect touch to your lamp. 

We can also help you make a custom lamp from a special piece you have.  We also do repairs and rewiring, as needed, in our shop.